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Contemporary Standards, Traditional Technique

The Rocal Impressions range specialises in premium uPVC doors, utilising the latest designs and premium grade materials to deliver a unique standard of quality in the current market. These doors offer high performance, low maintenance, enhanced security, thermal efficiency and impressive levels of sound insulation for any property. The Impressions range is the result of many years of product innovation and response to customer demand.

To cater to a wide array of homeowner tastes and property styles, these doors can be supplied in a wide array of high quality finishes and glazing options. This makes them a fantastic solution for homeowners looking to bring a personal touch to their home, and it allows you to offer the flexibility that will cater to their tastes, property and budget. Whether their home is modern or traditional, the Impressions range will have something to match.

These doors are available in 11 distinct styles, each of which brings their own offering to the homeowner. By utilising traditional sandblasting techniques, the Impressions range specialises in fine detail and tradition. They can be fitted with a wide choice of beautiful bevels, jewels and fused glass tiles to ensure they meet customer expectations. You will also be able to offer doors that bring both a contemporary flair and a classic, timeless appeal.

Whether your customer is after increased light allowance, enhanced privacy or something in between, the comprehensive range of Impressions doors will offer the versatility and approachability that you need. This range also includes an inverted range of uPVC doors which comprise an inverted pattern and profile. This is a fantastic solution for homeowners looking to install a door in a place where it could be easily knocked.

Impressions uPVC doors can also be supplied as half panels, including the following styles: ‘Tudor’, ‘Lincoln Triple’, ‘Tudor Quartet’, ‘Kendal Triple’, ‘Beverley Triple’, ‘Tudor Rose’, ‘Shiplap A’, ‘Shiplap B’ and ‘Herringbone’. These panels still maintain the impressive levels of security, thermal efficiency, sound insulation, as well as an inherent low maintenance to reduce aftersales. This means that you’ll be able to offer your customers a degree of quality that is set to last, without the headaches.

The low maintenance properties of these doors are achieved by the combination of premium grade uPVC and modern, cutting-edge manufacturing techniques. This means that, unlike conventional uPVC door systems and timber alternatives, these doors won’t crack, discolour, warp or twist when exposed to the elements. As reputation management is imperative to good business, investing in the right product for your customer is always a priority.

Product Specifications

Extensive Choice

The Impressions door range is available in 11 different styles, titled: ‘Cambridge’, ‘Beverley’, ‘York’, ‘Oxford’, ‘Lincoln’, ‘Kendal’, ‘Canterbury’, ‘Gainsborough & Stratford’, ‘Thirsk & Warwick’, ‘Slimline & Beverley Inverted’ as well as conservatory and half panels. This makes it easier for you to cater to a wider customer demographic, allowing them to find their perfect home improvement solution easier and quicker. You won’t have to offer anything less than the best.

Outstanding Quality

High quality and durable, Impressions uPVC doors are designed to achieve an exceptional standard of lifespan and aesthetic. Not only does this mean you’ll be able to promise your customer a better degree of door, it also means that they will be able to enjoy an investment that continues to perform. In turn, you’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of reduced aftersales, as the door you install promises and impressive level of longevity.

A Range of Colours

For customers, making a house a home often requires a personal touch. This is made simple with the Impressions range via a wide selection of colours, including a range of standard colours and premium colours. You’ll be able to offer ‘Smooth White’, ‘Golden Oak’, ‘Irish Oak’, ‘Mahogany’, ‘Rosewood’, ‘Foiled White’, ‘Cream’, ‘Chartwell Green’, ‘French Navy’, ‘Racing Green’, ‘Rich Red’, ‘Walnut’, ‘Anthracite Grey’ and ‘Schwarz Braun’.

High Performance

With these doors, you’ll be able to offer your customer a safer and more comfortable home. A thermally efficient profile works to increase the overall heat retention of the property, whilst the inherent robustness and rigidity offers increased sound insulation and security. All colours are applied with a highly durable coating to ensure they maintain their richness and fullness over a long period of time, avoiding any flaking, peeling or fading when exposed to the elements.