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Rocal Extrusions

A Key Player in the Extrusions Industry

Rocal Extrusions was originally established in 2009, diversifying and evolving over the years to manufacture a variety of plastic extrusions as well as offering wrapping facilities.

The extrusion services available include flexible plastic extrusions, rigid plastic extrusions, co-extruded plastic extrusions and standard plastic profiles. Customers can also choose a range of finishes, colours, wrapping and secondary operations.

Rocal Extrusions’ team of experienced Tool Makers mean that bespoke extrusion dies and formers can be turned around much quicker and more cost effectively than our competition.  Instead of ordering the required tooling and waiting for it to arrive.

Product Specifications

Rigid Plastic Extrusions

High quality rigid plastic profiles that can be perfectly tailored to meet client’s specifications. Rigid plastic extrusions can be produced from a wide range of materials and come in a variety of colours and finishes. Rigid extrusions can also offer thermal properties, flame retardancy, impact strength and both UV and chemical resistance.

Flexible Plastic Extrusions

Flexible Plastic Extrusions available in a range of different materials, including TPV, TPE and Polyurethane. All extrusions that Rocal Extrusions offer can be complemented by an innovative colour wrapping and foiling service for a personal and tailored touch.


TimbPlas is a vinyl based cellular thermoplastic extrusion that has been designed to offer a direct replacement for timber. TimbPlas has many advantages of timber, its moisture resistance means it avoids any warping, cracking or twisting and its lightweight properties make it ideal for structural projects where weight is a factor.

Custom Made Tooling

Rocal Extrusions have a team of Tool Makers who produce custom tools in-house. This process removes the need to order the required tooling, which can delay the job and increase the overall cost. By using custom tooling, Rocal Extrusions are able to decrease lead times and pass the savings onto the customer.

Foil Wrapping

In the understanding that every project is different, Rocal extrusions offer bespoke online and off line wrapping and foiling services to meet their client’s needs.

Short Batch Runs

Rocal Extrusions undertake short batch runs to cater to a wider variety of projects and needs.


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