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Rocal Extrusions

A Key Player in the Extrusions Industry

Rocal Extrusions was originally established in 2009, diversifying and evolving over the years to manufacture a variety of plastic extrusions and wrapping facilities for a range of solutions. All services are carried out in ways that promote customer profitability without compromising environmental friendliness or sustainability. Rocal Extrusions’ customers will be able to enjoy the benefits of market innovation and leading standards without the hassle.

The extrusion services available include flexible plastic extrusions, rigid plastic extrusions, co-extruded plastic extrusions and standard plastic profiles. Customers can also choose a range of finishes, colours, wrapping, secondary operations, custom tooling as well as any advice or recommendations that you require. The Rocal team of experienced technical engineers have a wealth of experience in dealing with a wide array of projects, so they are sure to offer a prompt, efficient and high-quality service across the board.

Rocal Extrusions rigid plastic extrusions offer a high quality rigid plastic profile that can be perfectly tailored to meet specifications and exceed expectations. You’ll be able to enjoy the benefit of choosing from a wide range of materials, colours and finishes without having to compromise on quality or service. Depending on your specifications, these rigid plastic profiles can be extruded with thermal properties, flame retardancy, impact strength and both UV and chemical resistance.

Flexible plastic extrusions are available in a range of different materials, including TPV, TPE and Polyurethane. This allows for a heightened degree of flexibility when it comes to your extrusion needs, ensuring you get the perfect material for the job on hand. All extrusions that Rocal Extrusions offer can be complemented by an innovative colour wrapping and foiling service for a personal and tailored touch, a service that has proven to be a rarity in the current market.

To achieve a unique standard of quality across the industry, Rocal Extrusions offer a selection of services that stand out. One of these is RocFoam, a vinyl based cellular thermoplastic extrusion that has been designed to offer a direct replacement for timber. This can be supplied bespoke to your project, including specified weight requirements, and offers the core benefits of timber whilst bypassing any accompanying problems that are associated with the material. This means that it avoids any warping, cracking or twisting.

With practicality in mind, Rocal Extrusions also offer a range of standard plastic profiles that are ready to order. This is created using specific tooling to produce a wide selection of standard plastic profiles, ensuring you can enjoy a faster turn around on your order. Simply place an order specification and the team will ensure you get it on time and completely as ordered. All extrusion services are available with a range of finishes, colours and wrapping to suit your needs.

Product Specifications

Custom Made Tooling

Rocal Extrusions use bespoke tooling to carry out the services offered, which allows for a much faster turnaround than anyone else on the market. This process removes the need to order the required tooling, which can delay the job and increase the overall cost. By using custom tooling, Rocal Extrusions are able to decrease lead times and pass the savings onto the customer. It’s a mutually beneficial approach.

Foil Wrapping

In the understanding that every project is different, Rocal Extrusions offer a foil wrapping service to ensure all finishing touches are applied properly and in a unique way. This includes a large variety of colour polymers to choose from, as well as the option to pantone match specific colours. Your project will be handled by technical engineers who will apply their expertise to ensure you get the perfect match.

Short Batch Runs

No job is too small for Rocal Extrusions, which means that they can become the one-stop shop for all extrusions needs. We undertake short batch runs to cater to a wider variety of projects and needs, allowing us to accommodate larger and smaller projects alike. Although smaller in size, these orders will still be met with the same stringency and commitment to quality that all other services and orders receive.

Fast Turnaround

Achieving a fast turnaround is essential to ensuring projects and orders run smoothly and efficiently. This standard is achieved by using custom tooling for bespoke projects, whilst offering a range of standard plastic extrusions which can be ordered right off the bat. Our team always strive to ensure you receive your order as quickly as possible.